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Turn your gamepad into the ultimate customizable vibrator!

iVIBRATE Ultimate Edition is the ultimate software to take control of your gamepad and turn it into the most fully customizable vibration experience in the world!


iVIBRATE Ultimate Edition for Steam!

iVIBRATE Ultimate Edition is available on Steam NOW!

Receive a Steam key for iVIBRATE Ultimate Edition with your purchase!  _

*NEW* 29 Localized Languages

Localized for all languages supported by Steam!


*NEW & FREE* Steering Wheel Support DLC

Steering Wheel support is back and better than ever. Take control of your steering wheel like you never have before.


*NEW & FREE* Video Backgrounds DLC

4 video backgrounds from previous versions of iVIBRATE Ultimate Edition to give your app a new look! 


Motor Sliders

3 new Motor Sliders allow you to have more control over your gamepads vibration than ever before! Individually control the vibration of each motor of the gamepad, allowing you to have full customisation over your gamepads vibration!


Manual Vibrate

Take control of your vibe. You can now hold a button to manually vibrate your gamepad rather than use the standard toggle. 


30 Vibration Patterns

23 regular vibration patterns including a true always on constant vibration, 2 types of random vibration and a custom pattern to make your own vibration patterns! Plus 7 new "Offset" vibration patterns with a new offset random and custom pattern!


Shuffle Patterns

You now have the ability to shuffle between all patterns within iVIBRATE! Turn Shuffle Patterns on and let iVIBRATE choose a vibration pattern at random for you after a certain amount of time. You can even choose how long you want to wait before the pattern is shuffled again too!


10 Vibration Strengths

Full range of vibration strengths!


Motor Selection

Choose which motor of your gamepad you want to use! Deep rumble,  high vibrate or both, allow you to customise the type of vibration you want!


Full Gamepad Support

Control iVIBRATE via your gamepad. No need to ever take your hands off the gamepad. Use the virtual cursor via your gamepad to control all options on screen! Multiple gamepads can use the virtual cursor!


8 Simultaneous Gamepad Support

Use up to eight gamepads at once! Play alone, with your friends or have a party! 


One Handed Mode 

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Minimized Play

Use your gamepads wherever and whenever you want. No need to have the app on screen to use your gamepads. All gamepads will work while the app is minimized! 


Wireless Gamepad Support

No need for cords! No more USB cords falling out while in use! No more getting tangled in cords. Be free and use your gamepads wireless via Bluetooth! 

(PS4 Wireless Gamepad Support is not supported on MacOS, however it is possible to get Xbox Wired & Wireless Gamepad Support by using 3rd party drivers, how to set this up can be found here.)


PS4 Gamepad Extended Integration

Take full control of the PS4 gamepad and its features. 

Control the colour of the PS4 lightbar with a range of colours. 

Control the lightbar with 3 modes: On, Flash and Off.

Onscreen battery level to see how much battery life is left on your PS4 gamepad while wirelessly connected! 


Dual Locking System

Lock the gamepads via button press and/or with an on screen lock! Ensuring you never press an unwanted buttons during use.!


Hot Swap Controllers

No need to restart the app when a controller is disconnected or when switching between different controllers! 


Gamepad Remapping

Change the default controls of iVIBRATE. Remap any part of the gamepad in anyway you please, allowing for full customization of how you prefer to handle iVIBRATE.


On Screen Controls

Control your gamepads all on the screen! No need to use the gamepad to change vibration patterns, strengths or modes, everything can be done on the screen! 


Gamepad Name Recognition

Have more than one gamepad of the same type? No problem! iVIBRATE will name the gamepads so you know which gamepad you are using at all times!


Easy Controls

Controls right on the gamepad!


Onscreen Controls Guide

Always know what to press when you need it!


Accessibility Options

All new visual options allowing for those with visual impairments to have an easier time using iVIBRATE. You now have the ability to change the background, text and button colours. Any colour combination is now possible! This will help those who may find the look of iVIBRATE hard to read, you now have the option to customize the look of it to make it more accessible.

If you don't like the way it looks there is an easy “reset options” button to go back to the default look. Open Dyslexia 2 & 3 font options, easier to read fonts for those with dyslexia.


Lifetime Updates

Buy once and receive all iVIBRATE Ultimate Edition updates completely free!


Available NOW for Windows, MacOS & Linux !


Save money and buy iVIBRATE Ultimate Edition in a bundle!___________________________________________

*The vibrating functions and strength of this app vary depending on the controller used.*

*Other controllers outside of Xbox One, Xbox 360 & PS4 controllers may work but not guaranteed or tested.*

*Nintendo Switch Pro & JoyCon gamepads are not compatible with this app*


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iVIBRATE Ultimate Edition Linux v3.11a 168 MB

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iVIBRATE Ultimate Edition Demo Windows v3.11a 154 MB
iVIBRATE Ultimate Edition Demo MacOS v3.11a 163 MB
iVIBRATE Ultimate Edition Demo Linux v3.11a 168 MB

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Would it be possible to map keyboard keys instead of only having the option of mapping the controller's buttons?


Thanks for the suggestion, its definitely something I can look into. There's a big announcement coming soon that will cover a lot of new things happening with iVIBRATE too!

The continuous vibration setting recently stopped working for me and idk why, every other setting works besides continuous.

basically, my Dualshock 4 vibrates for like a second and then stops.

Ivibrate says that the vibration is still activated but it is isn't doing anything.

any idea why this issue could be happening?


Jesus Christ the literal second i made this post the issue fixed itself

I am glad the issue resolved itself! Do you know what caused it or how you fixed it? 


So I tried this app out last night and holy hell it's good! And uh... Once I had my fun with it I got to thinking: "Wouldn't it be neat if there was a way for a long distance partner (And I mean like, all over the world wherever you can get this app long) to control the app remotely and by extent control the controller?" (Kinda like the Hush from Lovense... I think that's how that's spelled). So I was wondering if either there is already a way to do that, or if you had any plans to implement that kind of feature in the future. 

Thanks for your question, glad you enjoyed it too :) 

And yes there is! :) 
The best way to do this is either through Steam Remote Play; or something similar such as Parsec. Any sort of remote play app will work though.

That way, you can either use your mouse or the gamepad cursor to press the buttons that are on the screen to control your partners gamepad.

Hope this helped :) 

Thanks! I can't try it rn because of work and such but hopefully I can do it with my partner soon! Though uh, they'd probably be using it on me, which I think means they'd need to get a copy as well (but this isn't too expensive which is nice so worst case I'll just buy it for them or stick with the demo). Either way I'm sure we can figure out a way for it to work, so thanks for the response!

That's no problem at all, if you have any other questions feel free to ask :)

(1 edit)

i tried this with my girlfriend but it only worked with their controller which i couldn't make vibrate so is there something were missing? 

were using the demo version if that helps. 

to clarify they could make it vibrate but i couldn't 

The demo only has support for 1 controller at a time so if you are wanting to use multiple controllers, whether locally or remotely, you will have to buy the full version. 

(1 edit)

yeah that's not the problem, were just trying to get it so i can control their controller remotely but so far the parsec thing didn't work. 

were in a long distance relationship


So the way you can control your partners gamepad is by clicking the onscreen controls with your mouse; that will control your partners gamepad . With the demo, the onscreen controls are locked so you will need the full version. If Parsec is not working for you either after this, you can always try Steam Remote Play too. Buying from Itch will also give you a Steam key so you can use either one. 

There is something wrong with the Stadia controller. It is recognized, and you can use it to navigate in the app, but not vibrating.

iVIBRATE uses Rewired to receive vibration info from your gamepad. Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it can receive vibration info from Stadia gamepads. This will be why it can navigate the app but wont vibrate. Sorry about that!   

I’m having trouble. It says it’s been updated to run 64 but, but I still get a message that says it may not work, and all the buttons work, but nothing vibrates?

That's really strange, v3.08b onwards has been built to work on 64. I have just uploaded v3.08c. Hopefully that should fix your issue but I am not sure why it is happening in the first place. 

also, it says it recognizes the controller as ps4,  but the picture of the buttons it’s showing is for Xbox?

Its possible that this issue was due to your mac using Apple Silicon whereas v3.08c only worked on Intel 64. Latest update, v3.09, will work on both. So this should fix this issue :) 

(1 edit)

I purchased this and OACM today and neither have a button for a steam key. Followed the instructions given for the user below. Let me know if you're able to help!

Sorry you are having this issue. There is no need to worry, you will have a Steam key for both with your purchase. As to why you don't have the option to get your key, I am not sure why. It would probably be best to contact Itch support as they are the ones that would be able to help you with this issue. I have just checked too and everything is setup correctly on my end. When you do get it sorted out with Itch, if you could post back how to fix this issue that would be great! :)

Sorry again that you are having this issue! 


Thanks! I reached out to support, waiting on a response.

Thanks for doing that, let us know how it goes :)

Deleted 2 years ago

Please let me know if there's anything you can do, its been 11 days and I've heard nothing from itch.io support.


Sorry it has been taking so long, I will reach out to them now and see if I can do anything for you! 

So I got through to Leafo (runs Itch) and it sounds like you will still need to get in contact with their support. I am not sure why their support has been so slow but they do seem to respond a lot quicker on Discord. Here is an invite to the Itch Discord server: https://discord.gg/RWgYGnrQZt

If you ping one of the admins and give them your ticket number they can usually fast track the whole process for you. 

Sorry this whole process has been such a pain, I am really not sure why you are having these issues. 

Deleted 89 days ago

Would you be able to tell me what platform you are on and what is happening so I can try to help? 
For the Steam key, when you buy the game, there should be a button to get the Steam key. More info can be found here: 


i found this on local multiplayer.....


Yes, you can have up to 8 "players" in local multiplayer :)

ohh alr

I just bought the V3.08B and I'm running it on windows 10 with a ps4 controller (wired, no bluetooth on my laptop) its detecting the dual shock 4 controller and everything works perfect but zero vibration.....?? I have tried everything different cords running app as administrator ect. I do not have a steam account so that is not the issue. Please help me. Is there a patch that will make this work?

That's very strange, I just tried it on my end and I do not have the same problem's.

When you click vibrate, whether through the gamepad or via the onscreen toggle, does the toggle show the heart or does nothing happen?  

If you have the Steering Wheel Support DLC you can try removing that and making sure the Steering Wheel Support toggle in the Controls is turned off.

If you have another gamepad you can try that, otherwise maybe test to see if the vibration works in other games to make sure its not a gamepad issue?

If you go to Controls > Remap Controls you can see if the vibration button is set to the correct button.

If you have Steam running you could try quitting and making sure its not running. 

If you go to troubleshooting you can fully reset the app which might help if something's gone wrong.

Otherwise last thing I can think of is to make sure your gamepad is plugged in, then go to "Check for updates" in Windows (You can search for it in the search bar in your taskbar), make sure your computer is up to date and also check for optional updates as there may be one to get your gamepad working correctly. 

I know that the gamepad vibrations work perfect I use it daily gaming. I know the vibration button is sending the command because when I put it on random vibes I can start and stop the switch timer with X or clicking vibrate. Every button and function works but it wont vibrate. The driver that my pc has listed under devices for the wireless control shows recent. I was first on windows 7 so I tried updating to windows 10 and redownloading and installing the app and it still does same thing. You had a older version I downloaded like a month ago and it actually worked. It was free but did not include all functions. Is the new app requiring newer usb ports or anything like that? All I can think of is my computer is so old but why did it work with the other earlier version then?? Any way you could let me try the older version again, the download link is gone. Thanks so much

The only thing I can think of is that recently iVIBRATE was updated to .NET 4, so if your PC is on the older side and it was working before it could be that. if you go to this Microsoft page and select "Download .NET Framework 4.8 Runtime" and install that, that might fix it. If you already have it installed, it will tell you and you won't be able to install it.

Unfortunately Itch.io doesn't have a great way of being able to offer older versions and would make purchasing/playing iVIBRATE confusing if there were over 50 versions you could download. In saying that, if you bought iVIBRATE you will have received a Steam key, the Steam version of iVIBRATE has all the previous versions of iVIBRATE that have been released. So with the Steam version you can rollback to older versions.

It's really strange that it was working and now it isn't; so the .NET 4 is the only thing I can think of as to why it isn't anymore. Rolling back to an older version via Steam is probably your best bet but I am happy to try and continue to get the latest version working for you. 

Tried the .Net4 and it said I was already up to date. And when I entered my email when I bought it I used a old one I have no access to so I can not receive my steam key to roll the app back. I even tried downloading DS4WINDOWS and I can see every function on the controller works and the test vibrations work fine also. So its not the cord. I guess I'm out of options. I appreciate the response though. Thanks

That is really strange, sorry the suggestions haven't helped.

With your old account, if you contact Itch I'm sure they will be able to help you get your old account back which would allow you to get your Steam key. 

If you let me know the email you used to purchase iVIBRATE so I can verify it, I can send you a new key for Steam :)

Hey I'm on macOS Monterey and just bought the latest version on Steam. The app says my xbox one controller is connected and I can move around in the menu but when I press A to vibrate the controller doesn't vibrate. Any tips to solve this?? Thanks.

It sounds like the later MacOS's support Xbox controllers but not the vibration function. You could give this guide a go but I have been told it doesn't work in later MacOS's but could be worth a shot. 

Otherwise if you only have an Xbox controller to use you are probably best to setup a Bootcamp partition and install Windows on that (You can get Windows 10 for free from the Microsoft website). Although in saying that, it looks like Apple have removed Bootcamp from certain Mac devices.

If that's the case you can get a virtual machine like VMware Fusion/Parallels Desktop and install Windows that way. I'm not 100% sure if that would fix the problem though. From what I remember VMware is free, so if you have the spare time to give it a go and set it up it should be an easy free way to get it going.

hey, is their any chance to get the app working on the latest macOS Monterey? Thanks in advance!

(1 edit)

Unfortunately I only have a Macbook Pro running High Siera to test on. In saying that if you can give me some details on what's happening I may be able to help as there shouldn't be any reason for it not to work on any of the new MacOS's. 

Since I did the update to the latest os, steam says, that this os-version won't be able to to run 32-bit-games. I can start the app but vibration doesn't work :-/ But I tried an older beta version (3.07a) and strangely enough the vibration works! So I'm not sure wether it is a problem of the app or the os?


Thanks for bringing this to my attention; it seems something has broken with the vibration button between v3.07a & v3.08. I am working on it now to get it fixed asap.

In terms of the 32 bit version it looks like it is not supported on newer MacOS's. So it is strange that this works at all. In saying that, I have found a way to make iVIBRATE 64-bit version, so once I get this bug fixed I will update iVIBRATE to 64-bit with the next patch :) 


Just an update, v3.08b is out and should fix the vibrate issue. The MacOS version has also been updated to 64-bit, so you shouldn't have any issues using iVIBRATE on the latest MacOS's!

Thanks again for letting me know of this issue :)

If there's any more issues please let me know!


Thanks a lot :-) 

Hey! I'm also on macOS Monterey and I bought the app on steam, it says my Xbox One controller is connected but when I click vibrate the controller doesn't vibrate. Any tips?

I want to buy this, but I can not open the Steam page in my country. Will I be able to activate the key I get? Or is this game not available in some countrys?


Due to the game being tagged as "Adult Only" on Steam, it does not appear in some countries, such as Germany. 
So, I am not 100% sure if you can activate the Steam key that comes with this due to your location.

In saying that, the version that is here on itch is exactly the same version as what is on Steam and they both receive the exact same updates at the same time.

So if you were to purchase this and the key didn't work, you still have access to iVIBRATE and it will still have all the exact same content that is in the Steam version. The only difference being is that the Itch version would not have Steam achievements and you would have to manually update through itch, either by redownloading it or you can use the Itch app which I believe can auto update like Steam.

Otherwise if it its just for the convenience of having all your games in one place, in your Steam library, if you click "add a game" in the bottom left and select "add a non-Steam game", you can direct Steam to the iVIBRATE Ultimate Edition.exe and then you will have iVIBRATE in your Steam library. 


Awesome, thank you. I understood it so, that you only get the Steam key. If I can download it on itch then there is no problem. Thanks for the quick answer.

Yes, so with your purchase on Itch you get a Steam key as well as the Itch version, so you can use whichever version is easiest for you :)

If you do end up purchasing iVIBRATE, let us know if the Steam key works for you so others that are in a similar situation to you will know if it works or not :)

I got this then like 5 minutes after i realized i could've gotten the free version. is there any way to refund my 5 bucks

There is no free version but there is a demo to try out iVIBRATE to see if it is your thing. All refunds are handled by Itch, so you will have to email their support if you want a refund.


is the $5 really worth all the trouble of getting a refund

using a windows operated device with a ps4 controller. the controller connects and works perfectly but nothing will make it vibrate 

Sorry you are having problems, is this with the demo or the full version? 

(1 edit)

I am having this same problem on steam, I have tried everything to get it to work and nothing seems to fix it. For reference, I have the full version. 

I am assuming this has started happening since the latest update? I'm currently working on a fix as there has been a few complaints about the latest update. The new update to fix these issues will be out in a day or two. Till then, since you have the Steam version, if you go to your Steam library, right click iVIBRATE Ultimate Edition > Properties > Betas > v3.03 (or any other version on the list). This will roll you back to any of the previous versions available which should fix this issue until the new patch is out. Sorry for the inconvenience.  

i tried downloading thett Demo and starting the vibration, but now i cannot get it to stop at all - connected it like i would any other

but the moment i pushed X to start, it started and havent stopped for the last 20 minutes - even restarting my computer and the program, disconnecting the controller or any other solution will solve it...

please help because the controller is getting hot for keeping going this long

Sorry for your issues, that's a really strange one and I haven't heard of that happening before. If you're using an Xbox One gamepad you can simply take the batteries out. If you're using a PS4 controller, you can hold the PS4 button for 10 seconds and that should turn off the controller.  


Just tried your app but was unable to get it working... 5 minute delay, and after  of them the app crashed on Linux...

Just saw it was added recently (the blocking timer). Is their a way to download an older version ?



I have put a lot of time, effort and money into making iVIBRATE the best it can possibly be.

If you do not like the demo, you always have the option to buy the full version. This way you support me and allow me to continue to support iVIBRATE with free updates like I have since it's release a year and a half ago.

If you're interested, there is still 15 hours left in the Itch Summer Sale to get iVIBRATE at a discount. You also get a code for activating iVIBRATE on Steam too.


when steeringwheel ? g29 im really hyped to have my steeringwheel constantly torture me 

Working on it right now, should be available in the next update :)


hehe im looking forwards to it can it be in the free version aswell? im gonna have so much fun with it ill tie a string to the wheel and attach my balls to it so i get tortured


why did I choose this day to have the ability to read

Have you guys  figured out how to get it on Android yet?

I'm only one person :P but unfortunately Android still doesn't support gamepad vibration at this stage. I have heard it may be supported in the upcoming Android 12 release, but that isn't releasing  till around September/October. So at this stage really just waiting around till that comes out, even then we won't know if its actually supported until its confirmed. I am keeping an eye on it though, so when it is finally supported you can expect an Android version :)

Will they be an option to use my mouse on the onscreen buttons? I'd like to be in control of the controller while it's "not with me" if you know what I mean.


All of the onscreen controls can be controlled via the mouse. The only thing that you cannot use the mouse on is the gamepad lock which is activated/deactivated from the gamepad.


I see, thank you!

I have a macbook pro and mac OS Big Sur 11.2.3, I have tried all the things you said, but there's no "open anyways" option either. And the file is 90.7mb. I paid $2 for it and tried downloading both  free + paid options and always get the same message. I have a wired logitech :

It looks like you have bought iVIBRATE Pro Edition, whereas this is the project page for iVIBRATE Ultimate Edition. iVIBRATE Pro Edition is a deprecated version that is no longer supported. iVIBRATE Pro Edition is provided as is, so if it does not work for your system unfortunately there isn't anything I can do about it as it is an old version of iVIBRATE running on an old input system.

The only thing I can suggest if you cannot get it working on your system is to contact Itch support here and request a refund. If you are still interested in iVIBRATE, you should try out the demo versions first to check for compatibility before purchasing. :)

Wireless Gamepad Support is not supported on MacOS) - It's a pity(


Unfortunately there is nothing I can do about this. iVIBRATE uses the Rewired input system for Unity and wireless gamepad support for PS4 gamepads on MacOS does not work. Here is a quote from their documentation: 

"Sony Dual Shock 4 special features are not supported on OSX via Bluetooth connection. There is no possible way to support these features of the DS4 via Bluetooth on OSX because the HID reports sent by the device through OSX I/O kit simply do not contain gyro or touchpad information and it does not accept output reports to set vibration or light color. This is a limitation of OSX I/O kit."

In saying that, via the Rewired documentation I have set up a guide of MacOS users on how to get Xbox gamepads working, which should work in wired and wireless modes. This is a 3rd party driver for MacOS so I cannot provide any more support other than the guide I have written here.

is android support possible?


Still waiting on Android to support gamepad vibration. Unfortunately until then, there is nothing I can do. 

does a wireless ps4 controller work on mac?

No sorry, only through a wired connection (USB), it's something to do on Mac's end, so there's nothing I can do about it unfortunately. 

I'm using a  wired ps4 controller and Ivibrate and other programs recognize my controller but I don't have any controls. The gamepad cursor is working and but I cant adjust the controls. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong?

Nothing you are doing wrong, unfortunately it sounds like you have the bug that has been affecting some users, at this stage there is no current fix. But, I am working on a new version of iVIBRATE that should fix all of these issues. This new version should be out any day now, so if you have bought the Ultimate Edition or are just using the demo both versions will be receiving this new update. 

If you're still interested v3.0 is out and should fix these issues :)

Deleted 2 years ago

Still waiting on Android to support gamepad vibration, unfortunately until then there is nothing I can do. 

heyy you should add remote control so u can make a link and then the person u send it to can controll the speed,strength etc. In both free and ultimate 

Multiplayer is on the list of future features, can't give an ETA at this time, but it is something that is planed :)

Able to connect through Bluetooth and wired on both PCs I have. However, the menu, I can turn on the vibration but cannot turn off. I cannot choose between settings at all. I did buy the ultimate edition. I’ve tried ps4 controller and xbox one controller. PC and the app recognizes but the app simply doesnt work at all beyond turning on and only on. Have to close out of app to turn off vibration. Initially thought it may have been an issue with my windows 10 laptop but when I tried it on my desktop both wired and Bluetooth, still same problem. Tried to adjust setting with mouse, didn’t work. It’s broken. Requested refund though Steam. Will redownload if it works. 

Thanks for letting me know, sorry for the trouble. There seems to be a small number of people that have issues like this but I am honestly not sure why. I am only one person so unfortunately I cannot test for all situations so I really rely on user feedback to try and workout why it's not working for some people.

Did you have the demo installed before using the Ultimate Edition? Also did you try using the "default state button" in settings > troubleshooting? Is the demo doing the same thing? Was the steering wheel support turned off?(or if it was on, turned off then restarted?)

Deleted 189 days ago

I am really sorry you are having these issues. Do these issues still happen if nothing is connected?

 I am really not sure what is causing these issues, as for most people everything works fine, but for others it is completely broken. 

Thanks for letting me know though, I will work on this asap to figure out what is going on. If you have any other information for me that may help me out please let me know!

Deleted 189 days ago

That's no problem at all (It's cheaper on Itch and there's some sales coming up ;) )!

I'm going to start working on a new beta version of iVIBRATE in the next few days, remaking the entire app from the ground up, fixing and improving things on the backend. I'll make sure this new beta version is available as the demo version too, so even though you have refunded it you can still test out the beta version.

I have a few ideas on what may be causing these issues for some people and have a bunch of general improvements to make to the app as a whole!

Just letting you know that v3.0 is out and should fix these issues.

If you are using iVIBRATE through Steam there is a guide up on Steam on how to turn off Steam's controller support which can causes issues such as these too. 

Just letting you know that v3.0 is out now that should fix these issues you were having. If you're still interested let me know how you go :) 

cant seem to get it to work with PS Move. Is it only in Ultimate edition?

Unfortunately if it does not work in the Teaser Edition it wont work in the Ultimate Edition either. 


Founds this via the "local multiplayer" tag xD Will definetly show this to my girlfriend one day...


Those who play together stay together ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


My Dualshock 4 is not connecting. I am using a Sony Vaio with Ubuntu. I have paired the controller with the laptop, but the program says that "Sony Vaio Keys (1)" is the connected controller.


Damn that’s kinky, nothing gets me harder than a chick who uses Ubuntu to power her vibrator.

why I can't download the link? Is it dead? pls reupload thank youu


Sounds like a problem with Itch, I don't control the download links! Maybe try again later, could be a technical issue.

Deleted 2 years ago

Have you tried to change the security settings?

Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy - Click "Open Anyway" and app will be added to exclusions and will open correctly from now on. 

There really should be a stronger setting if the controller can go that much. 10 isn't enough.

(1 edit)

Sorry its a hardware limitation! There isn't anything I can do about it unfortunately.

I am not sure which gamepad you are using, but I have found from my experience that my PS4 gamepads were much stronger than my (non Bluetooth ) Xbox One gamepad. And the least strong was a non genuine wired Xbox 360 gamepad I bought off eBay over 10 years ago.

So it's possible that maybe if you have a non genuine gamepad like the Madcatz ones etc., that they may have better vibration. But I also have no idea if those would work either. 

Will there be an android port because you can connect you controller to your phone or no

I am still looking into it. Currently it does not seem that Android/Unity have vibration support for gamepads through Android at this stage. The gamepads do work, but the gamepad will not rumble. 


wh..... why though???? i wouldnt want my controller to be covered in

bodily fluids

I thought that's why they sold those silicone skins for the gamepads? :P

oH i didnt think of those

i was just thinking of my controller on its own without any covers or skins

the app doesnt work for me i tried both the controller one and this one neither have worked.

Would you be able to give me more information so I can try to help! Are you on Windows or Mac? By not working are you unable to install the app? open the app? Or are your controllers not working? 

Im on windows and regardless of what controller i use it doesnt work. The controller still can interact with the app it just doesn't vibrate.

i have both a switch controller and an xbox 360 controller

Thanks for getting back to me! So as far as I can tell switch controllers (Pro & Joy-con) don't support vibration outside of the switch through Unity. So they will work like any other controller, just vibration will not. The 360 controller should be working however, but only through a USB connection. Unfortunately at this stage wireless isn't supported.

it's not working and they were all USB connection

That's really strange, there is no reason for the 360 controller through USB to not work. Are you on Windows 10? I have heard of people having problems on operating systems such as Windows 7.

In saying that, there is a new update coming out soon that completely replaces the input system of this app and should hopefully fix a lot of these issues that you and others are having too!

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Hello! This App looks very good, but unfortunately, it's not working on macOS Catalina. I have given all the permissions needed to the App, but still doesn't open. Maybe the problem could be the lack of x32 App support in newer versions of macOS. It would be nice if we, Mac users, could get an updated version to be able to use it. Thank you!

I will try to look into this for you on the next update! Unfortunately I only have a 2011 Macbook Pro running High Sierra to test anything Mac related on. So I am limited in terms of testing for Mac.

Have you tried the Ultimate (Teaser) Edition? That should hopefully fix any issues you were having :)

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I have a request:

Is it possible to publish an android version of iVIBRATE?

I'm not talking about the vibration of the phone itself, But an android app that we could connect xbox or ps4 controller to the phone with OTG cable & the android app vibrates those controllers.

I know that its possible. Please make it come true. ♥‿♥

So I have been looking into this for a while now but it looks like its not possible at this stage unfortunately. Although Android does have game pad support it doesn't support vibration of the game pads. I have been seeing some things about it working on Android 10, so it looks like it might be happening in the future but it is something I will be keeping my eye on!

Thank u. Here is a doc about android gamepad vibration support:


I'm glad that u r on to it. I will wait for ur progress. :-)

The link takes me to Android development using Kotlin and Java. I am using Unity and C# so unfortunately there is not much I can do until Unity/Android support game pad vibration through Android devices. 



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