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Codii Lushh Master Gallery is a premium image gallery showcasing adult model Codii Lushh. 

This app contain's a peek at Codi Lushh's premium content from their OnlyFans to give you a teaser of what you can get with Codii Lushh


*NEW* Premium Master Gallery


Introducing the first ever Premium Master Gallery featuring Codii Lushh. Get new naughty & explicit premium content that cant be seen anywhere else!

Featuring 62 photos & 10 videos there's plenty to see!

Don't buy from this page, make sure to buy from this bundle page

This way you support Codii Lushh & her content!




New & Improved Image Gallery

All images accessible and easy to find. View any of Codii Lushh's images easily and as you desire! 


New & Improved Video Gallery

Easily access other videos while watching any of Codii Lushh's sexy videos. 


New & Improved Menus

Completely redesigned menu system allowing you to easily get what you want so you can access all of Codii Lushh's steamy content!


25 photos!

To get a taste of Codii Lushh!

Adult Content!

Download to find out!

One Handed Mode 

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Simple Controls

Easy to use controls for both desktop and Android versions. One touch finger controls for Android and easy to use keyboard shortcuts for Desktop!


Offline Viewing

No need for an internet connection!

On Demand

No need to search the internet looking for premium adult content when you can have it all right in front of you instantly!


Always On for Android

Your Android device will never turn off while using the app!



Insight into Codii Lushh!



Always up to date links so you can see more of Codii Lushh!

Designed Exclusively

Designed along side Codii Lushh to deliver a premium app full of their content!


Available NOW for Windows, MacOS, Android devices & directly from the browser!


Codii Lushh Master Gallery

Includes 25 photos for you for free!
Codii Lushh Master Gallery for Android
Codii Lushh Master Gallery for Windows
Codii Lushh Master Gallery for MacOS


Codii Lushh Premium Master Gallery

Includes 62 photos & 10 videos!
$45 USD
Codii Lushh Premium Master Gallery for Android
Codii Lushh Premium Master Gallery for Windows
Codii Lushh Premium Master Gallery for MacOS

Available for purchase here!


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Codii Lushh Master Gallery for Android 126 MB
Codii Lushh Master Gallery for Windows 82 MB
Codii Lushh Master Gallery for MacOS 92 MB

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Is this even a game?


absolute shit contrast in the settings menus and what not

Are you talking about the white writing on the pink background? Or is there another issue?

The entire Master Gallery range will be redone soon to address various issues that have arisen since the initial creation.

yes i am referring to the white on pink and i appreciate you responding to my rather brusque comment, and i do apologize about said comment.

It's no problem.

The colour scheme of the app was actually chosen by Codii; but I agree it is a bit hard to read. When I redo the app I'll be sure to make it easier to read, thanks for the feedback.


Loving this, great job! 10/10.


Nice, really good, love it! Can't wait for the next one!